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The One, The Only, The Original Pig-Moby-il!!


A Pig-Moby-il is happiest when it is at the feed trough!

        In January 1992, the Associated Press followed Oscar Poole in his "seen around the world Pig-Moby-il" to his world-famous barbecue restaurant in East Ellijay, Georgia. They asked him about the 307 pigs on the hill at that time (there are now over 3000!). Four days later, the A.P. ran the story in over 1000 newspapers. Since then, the Pig Hill of Fame has become a legend and a North Georgia landmark.


        The Pig-Moby-il is a converted 1976 Plymouth Volare with a few added Pig Modifications. The Pig-Moby-il Oinks and Snorts, and draws a lot of stares from many onlookers. The Pig-Moby-il has been spotted at the Nations Capital where Oscar has been requested by several Members of Congress to come and feed the masses in Washington, D.C.

The Pig-Moby-il goes to Washington D.C.
Oscar leads the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay into Chatsworth, GA.
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