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Poole's Bar-B-Q

The History of an American Original

World Famous Col Poole's Georgia BBQ.jpg

An early shot of Poole's Bar-B-Q

Poole's Bar-B-Q has been family owned and operated since 1989. Founded by the late, "Colonel" Oscar Poole, Poole's Bar-B-Q has become an internationally known restaurant and is a prime example of successful small business in America.

Oscar and Edna Poole began Poole's Bar-B-Q in a roadside shack in June 1989 on Ga. Hwy. 515 in East Ellijay. GA., 75 miles north of Atlanta, with a borrowed capital of $3,500.


Now, over three decades later, Poole's Bar-B-Q has served an entire nation, as people from all over the United States, and beyond, have stopped by the famous Pig Hill of Fame" to try Colonel Poole's Bar-B-Q.


The original roadside shack has been replaced by a modern cabin structure nicknamed the "Taj-Ma-Hog" flanked by the "Hog-Rock-Cafe."

As an example of Col. Poole's worldwide influence, the mayor of the little town of East Ellijay visited London, England, where he saw a man wearing one a Poole's Bar-B-Q t-shirt, complete with pigs and all!

Poole's Bar-B-Q today


Darvin Poole with his father, Col. Poole

Poole's Bar-B-Q has served celebrities from media, politics, and sports, as well as the mountain adventurers and of course North Georgia locals.

Poole's Bar-B-Q was operated by Oscar and Edna's second oldest son, Darvin Poole and his wife, Melanie, from 2008 to 2022.

Stop by the Bar-B-Q and you'll no doubt encounter one of the Poole family members!  

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