The History Of An American Original

        Colonel Poole's internationally known BBQ restaurant is truly a modern-day explosion - a prime example of small business in America.

        Known around the world as the Pig Hill of Fame, Oscar and Edna Poole began their business in a roadside shack in June 1989 on Ga. Hwy. 515 in East Ellijay. GA., 75 miles north of Atlanta, with a borrowed capital of $3,500.


        The restaurant serves the entire nation as people from places as far away as Alaska, Chicago, and Pennsylvania have eaten Colonel Poole's BBQ. It is as if their business is located on MAIN STREET USA -- running right through the heart of America. Immediate plans call for the publication of a national newsletter called 'NATIONAL GEHOGRAPHICS'. They have thousands on a growing mailing list from records of the famous pigs on the hill and their guest register. People from every continent have visited this piece of roadside Americana, and each one took a little bit of southern hospitality home with them.


        The original roadside shack has been replaced by a modern cabin structure next door. It has been deemed the "TAJ-MA-HOG" with a room added to one side called the "HOG-ROCK-CAFE".

As an example of Col. Poole's worldwide influence, the mayor of the little town of East Ellijay visited London, England, where he saw a man wearing one of the Colonel's T-shirts, complete with pigs and all!


        Celebrities, both in media and politics, have been drawn to Col. Poole's "so tacky it's classic" (quote from the former Ambassador to Sweden, Ingmar Björkstén) Georgia BBQ. He has hosted candidates from the highest offices in the world: state governors, senators, representatives, embassy officials. Also visiting the Pig Hill-Of-Fame have been Olympic athletes and Miss America. Customers come in Porsches and pickups, Jaguars and junkers, Lincolns and lemons, Mercedes and more!!!! Is it any wonder that the Pig Hill-Of-Fame continues to receive great favor with the Georgia Travel and Trade Commission who have sent international teams of journalists and TV media to cover this unusual place?

        Besides keeping up with an eight year "expansive-explosive" mode, Col. Poole finds time dabble in politics. He serves as the local chairman of the Republican party and has represented his party at all convention levels: local, district, state and national (San Diego, 1996). He also finds time for an occasional trip to Brazil, South America where he is a "good-will ambassador, playing the piano and speaking (in Portuguese, which he taught himself) in public assemblies. The Colonel also has either led music or played the piano for all levels of GOP rallies. He is at his best when he is involved in a grass-roots New Hampshire Primary or leading the National Anthem for an exciting presidential campaign.

        Colonel Poole is a full-fledged Kentucky Colonel, receiving his title from the Governor of Kentucky. Colonel and Mrs. Poole (Oscar and Edna to everyone who know them) have four sons and seven grandchildren. They make their home in East Ellijay, GA in a house that Oscar built himself.

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